Upgrade UniFi Network Controller on Synology using Docker

For this to work I’m assuming you already have a volume mounted somewhere on your storage pool, such as /volume1/docker/unifi.

Create a backup using the Web UI of UniFi by going to Settings > System > Backup and hit Download (Settings only). Once done, it’s time to power off your container:

Docker > Container > [your-unifi-container] > switch it off

Once powered down, proceed to fetch the :latest version of the image:

  • Docker > Registry > jacobalberty/unifi (:latest)
  • Hit Download at the top (or Right-click on the image name and select Download this image

Wait for the download to complete – you should see a notification once that’s done.

Finally, we’re going to reset the container itself:

Docker > Container > [your-unifi-controller] > Action > Reset > Yes

Wait a bit, then turn your container back on – it should be now at the latest version with your config present. Should something go wrong, you can still restore from your backup.

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